Our Itinerary

This is our tentative itinerary.

October 7th- Albuquerque, NM to Madrid, Spain

October 13th- Madrid, Spain to Istanbul, Turkey

October 29th- Istanbul, Turkey to London, England (Also, a possible to trip to Germany during this time.)

November 11th- London, England to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Visit good friend Anne here.)

November 18th- Dubai, United Arab Emirates to Bangkok, Thailand

November 22nd- Bangkok, Thailand to Paro, Bhutan

December 3rd- Paro, Bhutan to Katmandhu, Nepal

 December 21st- Katmandhu, Nepal to Bangkok, Thailand (During this time we will visit much of southeast Asia- Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam…)

January 26th- Bangkok, Thailand to Jakarta, Indonesia

February 18th- Jakarta, Indonesia to Tokyo, Japan

February 21st- Tokyo, Japan to Shanghai, China

March 11th- Shanghai, China to Sydney, Australia

April 1st- Sydney, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand

April 24th- Auckland, New Zealand to Santiago, Chile

May 1st- Santiago, Chile to Buenos Aires, Argentina

May 28th- Buenos Aires, Argentina to Quito, Ecuador

June 18th- Quito, Ecuador to Lima, Peru

July 8th-  Lima, Peru to Portland, Oregon or Albuquerque, New Mexico

July 12th- Depart Seattle, Washington for Alaska cruise (Family vacation)


15 responses to “Our Itinerary

  1. Marshall and Jana

    Wow! Looks like fun. You guys have a blast. We are jelous!

  2. Adam & Shawn,

    Good decision, good for it. Work will always be there.

    You should start from Sedona October 20th.

    Think about stopping in Iceland, a very interesting place. Then a boat ride to Greenland.

  3. Chrystal Jones (Gregg)

    OH MY GOSH! I’m soooooo jealous! I would sell our first born to do what you guys are doing! Have a BLAST and just know we are all here waiting for updates to your page so we can live through you a little 😉

    have fun!


  4. Aunt Patty Garvey

    Adam and Shawn, have a great time. Next year tour the U.S.A. , very interesting. See ya next July on the cruise. Love ya, take care, Hugs, Aunt Patty

  5. We love you guys and will miss you. Be safe and know that we will be thinking of you. You know how mothers are!!! I am, however, extremely jealous. MOM

  6. How adventurous! Can’t wait to hear of the adventures. Keep up the good work.

  7. ….May the wind always be at your back and sun shine warm upon your face…..we will anxiously track your travels.. be safe -all our love Kristie and Dad

  8. Nice!!!

    Anand just showed me your site and I am so jealous! I keep on day dreaming of the day we can do something like this.

    You’re on the right track..and if you decide to go to Kenya….I can give you pointers!

  9. Adam and Shawn,
    We are so happy that you get to go on this awesome trip!!! We can’t wait to hear all about it and see the picts! And I think you should come HOME when you’re done!!
    Love, Kristi (Rogers)

  10. How do you buy one of these RTW tickets?

  11. thanks for sharing your experiances of worlf tour .
    Keep it up .God bless u

  12. Hello Ms. Shawn,

    Wow! What a great adventure you are having. Shelby and I just spent some time enjoying your amazing photos. She’ll know who to talk to for geographical research! Safe travels and we hope to keep up with your adventures better now. Smiles,
    Krista and Shelby

  13. Michelle Huntington (Mercil)

    WOW, what an incredible experience for the two of you! I was talking with Kristi (Rogers) about my husband Joe retiring from the Air Force and maybe moving to Amarillo, Texas this summer. She told me that you and adam lived in Albuquerque and about your adventure and sent me the link to your site. Looks like you are having a fantastic time. Enjoy and be safe!!!
    Michelle & Joe

  14. Heather Mercil

    Wow, what a great experience for the two of you! I was at your grandma’s 90th birthday party on Saturday, and I was wondering where you were. Kristi said, “Oh, let me send you this link, and you can see where they are.” I must say I would rather be there than here! I really love those pics of you guys with the tigers. That is so amazing that you were able to get so close. Well, have a fun and safe time, and we will see you at the next big get-together!

  15. I live in Albuquerque and came across your website while checking out the couchsurfing page. I have been enjoying reading about your adventures and am very impressed with the photographic diary of your travels.
    After all the travelling, then decompressing I’d love to meet you guys and have a beer and hear about your experiences.
    My user name on couchsurfing is David&Avi.
    Continue having fun!!!


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