About Us

We are a pre-child, 30-something couple living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After a lifetime of “playing by the rules” we decided to quit our jobs, rent out our house, buy an around-the-world plane ticket and take off on a nine month journey of the planet. We feel as if life is too short to spend all of your time working for your possessions and letting them own you. We have come to the conclusion that we want ownership of our own lives and experiences, and travel, we believe is a great way to begin to achieve that. We will carry a few VERY well thought out items, but all of those will fit into our small packs. Living the simple life is very exiting right now!

Adam, 30, spent the past seven years of his life as an Air Force officer, and separated (as of September 29th) as a captain. Although, he had some fantastic experiences, he never felt the military was his true calling. He is a mechanical engineer by profession, so if you are a contact and know of a position opening in the Fall of 2008, send us a message.

Shawn, 32, has been a teacher in various Montessori schools around the US for the past eight years. She loves teaching, and knows that a round-the-world experience can only strengthen her in the teaching profession. Shawn is looking forward to visiting many schools and children around the world to have a fuller understanding of what childhood education is about. Her pre-trip feelings include- excitement (of course), I can’t believe that this is really happening (this is just something that people dream about, right?), and nervousness (what if-ing and making to-do lists in the middle of the night). Most of all, she feels glad to be alive at this time in history where travel and learning are more accessible than ever. Our planet is getting smaller all the time, an even more important reason to go out and explore and discover it!

We hope that you will enjoy our journey with us.  Please comment and make suggestions.  We want to make this blog an interactive place to share.


12 responses to “About Us

  1. Well–thanks for keeping me on your mail list. This certainly sounds like a true adventure! I’ll look foreward to seeing your pictures and reading your thoughts! Best wishes!

  2. This sounds like a real adventure! Have fun and be safe. I’ll be watching for updates on your blog! Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Wow! This site is great. I’m so excited for you guys, and I think it’s neat that you set this up; it’s like we all get to go with you, but without all of the packing. Heh heh.

    What you’re doing is something I wish I’d have done before having a critter, but I guess it’ll just have to wait until my young’n is a bit older and he can join us in exploring the world.

    Good luck, and have a blast!

  4. Adam! Wow, we took ACQ101 like a bagillion years ago, i’m glad i’m still on the “what crazy adventures is Adam doing now” email list! So jealous and you and Shawn – looks like a great trip!!!! I look forward to the posts. If you are interested in working for Pratt & Whitney, drop me a line when you get back, we’ll see what’s available. Hell, maybe you can have MY job and I’LL travel around the world! Have fun guys, we’ll all be tuning in to follow you around the WORLD…

  5. hi ıts me muhammet from pamukkale turkey ı saw your message on torn tree s web page.ı saw you want to organıze 15 days tour but defınetly dont book any tour ın ıstanbul ıf you dont wanna pay double prıces.ı m runnıng a hostel ın pamukkale ı have been 15 years turızm busıness experınce ıf you need any help plase feel free to e maıl me.
    best regards

  6. Hey guys! Looks like you are having a wonderful time! I finally found your website. I was looking for Shaw and Adam.com, duh! Well have fun and We will be visiting your website following your journey!! ENJOY!
    Karen & DAvid

  7. A&S: Looks like you’re havin, a ball! Remember: You most likely won’t be passing through those parts of the world again any time soon – so take every opportunity to EXPLORE !!!! Everything you experience on this trip will reward you the rest of your life more than you could now imagine.
    FYI: It runs in the family: We are finalizing plans to travel to Patagonia, Iceland/Greenland, Australia, Namibia, Italy, Suez Canal, Dubai (yes, again), India, Singapore, and more – and Texas! All in the next 12 Months. Oh Yeah: The inland passage in Alaska with you guys and 16 other family members. Now – if you and us could only convince our families to get on the road.

    Pat and Alicia (Gramps and Grandma)

  8. Hi Adam and Shawna…. i am aussie living in London these days – but I noticed on bootsnall site you are asking about a dive company operating out of cairns. Many of the tourist boats have huge numbers of people. We found one small operator called Poseiden and highly recommend them – so much so we want to book them for a special event cruise with friends and family. The boat carries up to 40 but usually only around 30 onboard. All dive equip included for day trip out to the reef (there is no reef near Cairns, it is all mud flats around there – you need to go to Port Douglas for best access- enjoy the scenic coastal drive). good luck….

  9. Bob, Gail & Brient

    Adam and Shawn,

    Just got to see your web site for the first time. It’s wonderful and was great you got to go on this adventure at this point in your lives. We’ll see you soon,

    Uncle Bob, Aunt Gail & Cousin Brient

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Loved the site. Would fix the archives and about links at the top of the pages, go to your 404 page not found… peace from Tokyo. S.

  11. Hi, I met you both at Costco, and your adventure sounds amazing. Your photos are beautiful! I was going to look for someone to help me organize photos and learn how to use my computer better in other areas, but I think , Shawn, you might be perfect. I just need to know basic stuff. Ican pay you OR teach you scuba as a trade!! I am a PADI Instructor with 10 years experience teaching and have been diving since ’93. Please e-mail me: scubanaomi@yahoo.com. Even if you are not interested in my offer, I think it would be fun to compare travel notes… and I would love to talk with Adam about photography. A few of my UW photos are on Malibu Diver’s site still, I think. (Those were taken with a film camera!)

  12. thewhitebookbyjooo

    Hi Adam and Shawn!!!

    i like your story about Indonesia ( https://adamandshawn.wordpress.com/2008/02/29/were-back-reflecting-on-indonesia/ ). i would like to repost it in the KenapaEndonesah Blog ( http://kenapaendonesah.wordpress.com/ ). are you interested? of course i will linked it back to your blog. Terima Kasih

    greetings from Indonesia,

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