We’re Back!

Hi everyone. I’d like to start by saying that I’m still not sure if we’re going to keep adamandshawn.com up or not, so I’ve created a free mirror site on wordpress.com. If you ever come to check out this blog and find it isn’t here, simply go over to adamandshawn.wordpress.com and you’ll find a pretty close duplicate.

Anyway, we’ve finished the US leg of our trip, and now were back at home in Albuquerque. It still feels sort of temporary…like in a week or two we’ll be moving on again. Still, we missed Albuquerque and are happy to be back. This is not a hard place to live. The weather is great (it almost never gets over 100F/38C), it is uncrowded, we have a great place with all the urban conveniences and rural wilderness within walking distance, and the scenery is beautiful. I took the photo above from my deck! It’s hard to complain about having to look at that every day. Here is the same scene 45 minutes earlier…

Shawn is back at work now, but I’m still looking (OK- I admit it…I haven’t really been looking yet 🙂 Still, if anybody has any leads I’d be interested to hear about them.

Here’s Shawn, heading off to work for the first time in 15 months

We still intend to tell a few stories about our traveling in the US, as well as a trip summary/FAQ. Until then, it’s time to get to work on the resume!


One response to “We’re Back!

  1. Holy cow, Shawn, I’ve got to know what it’s like to go back to work after having so much time off!! It would kill me. 🙂

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