Still Going

Hey Everyone.  Hello from Portland, Oregon.  It has been a while since our last post.  Even though we’re back in the US of A, we’re still going harder than ever.  In the last few weeks we’ve visited Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks with Adam’s brother, taken a cruise to the Hubbard Glacier in Alaska, visited Adams cousin at his cabin in central Oregon, and are currently on a bike ride down the length of the Oregon coast.  We’ve only had a day between these trips and simply haven’t had time to write our posts.  I have, however, taken a ton of pictures (shocking- I know).  Most of them are uploaded, so until we have our stories up you can check out the photo gallery.  The stories should be up in a week or two.

Also, our URL account is about to expire, and whether we renew depends on how many visits we get and how often we update this site.  Check back often, because we may be moving (probably to something like

Talk to you soon, and enjoy the pics.



2 responses to “Still Going

  1. Keep the blog going!! I love looking at your pics and reading about your adventures. 🙂

    I have a friend who is going to be moving to Portland soon. I’m going to miss her…but it will be a cool place to visit, I’m sure!

  2. Hey Adam!

    Susana emailed me that she ran into you and talked about lunch Friday. I’d definately like to hang out and I think at least Wags and maybe others want to go. let me know where you want to meet (maybe close to base at about 11am).

    Looking forward to catching up with you guys!!

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