Happy New Year from Laos!!

Thia is just a short post to let everyone know that we arrived safely in Luang Prabang, Laos yesterday.  This is a very relaxing city set on the banks of the Mekong River.  We are enjoying New Years while drinking $0.80 BeerLao.  Our dinner last night cost us a whopping $1.20 between the two of us.  Because Laos was once colonized by the French, you can still see a lot of French style architecture, bakeries, cheese, and wine.

Happy 2008!!!

~Shawn & Adam


5 responses to “Happy New Year from Laos!!

  1. Hey! Enjoyed dinner with you two. Great to meet you and someone who finally understands my strong cravings for green chile!! talk to you soon!

  2. hey guys! It was great meeting you tonight at the veggie buffet!!! Good luck with all of your travels, it sounds like you have a lot in store! Wine tomorrow would be nice if you two have time just shoot us an email during the day and let us know! Take care!

  3. hi, great to meet you two… I got bit by some stomach bug that last night after we left the buffet (not the buffet…), and was stuck in the room until Saturday… boo.

    anyhow, i hope you have a wonderful time in Laos, and I”ll be checking out your site to see where you’re at next!


  4. Happy New Year!!!!!!!

  5. Bill and Gloria

    Hi Guys,

    We met you in Turkey where we enjoyed our illicit drinks outside of Jimmy’s Place! We continued on to Egypt for 3 weeks but have been home , in Alberta for some time now – we are enjoying reading about the rest of your trip – Happy New Year – enjoy the rest of your journey and stay safe.

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