Hello from the Turkish Mediterranean!

Hi Everyone. We’re now in Fetiyeh, Turkey. A few days ago, we took an overnight bus (which is as much fun as it sounds) to Olympos, Turkey and stayed at a place called “Kadir’s Treehouses”.

Olympos is very small, and has all of the usual signs of a “backpackers hangout”. It also has the ruins of the ancient Lycian city of Olympos, important parts of which are still being discovered today.
Recently discovered mosaic floor (this is the remains of the 2nd floor- there is likely another mosaic buried below)
The Turkish coast seems to be covered in ancient ruins, and is said to have more than Italy or Greece. The Mediterranean coast is beautiful. It looks similar to the southern California coast, but with bigger mountains, less development, and warmer, bluer water.


After visiting the “chimera flames”, which are natural gas seeps that have been burning for thousands of years, we hopped onto a traditional wooden Turkish sailboat called a “Gullet” for a four day, three night cruise.

Our boat was equipped for up to 19 people, but there were only three guests and three crew members on board.
Our crew- Memhet (cook), Atilla (skipper, who got called up for Iraq on our last day), and Ramazan (Captain)

After a few relaxing days of swimming, seeing more historic ruins (including a sunken city and Saint Nicholas island, named after THAT Saint Nicholas who once lived there) we arrived in the beautiful port city of Fetiyeh, where we’ll spend a couple of days before moving on to see MORE ancient ruins in Ephasus.

diving off of the boat, St. Nicholas Island
The other passenger, Edwin, diving in
They let us drive quite a bit


5 responses to “Hello from the Turkish Mediterranean!

  1. The water is beautiful! Looks like you 2 are having a great time. Oh, Shawn, nice bike sock tan you’re sporting in the pic above. ;o)

  2. Hello! Great to see that you guys are having a blast!

    Question…how did you take that underwater picture?

    We just got back from Ocean City, Md. The water in the med is definitely way more beautiful!

  3. You two!! Oh, I am so enjoying reading about your adventures. What a thorough and fun website you’ve put together. Thanks for all you’re sharing.

  4. Hi,
    Your photos are GREAT, guess you like your new camera, huh? We’re really enjoying your website!

  5. James and Marina

    WOW – the photos of the places you guys are visitng are so wonderful. What an adventure. We (Victoria included) are following you as you go around the world.

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