The Sights of Istanbul

Here we are in a city that has been a cultural crossroads for thousands of years, also the only city in the world to span two continents (Europe and Asia). Istanbul, Turkey is a magical place, a city so intriguing to all of the senses. Think magic carpets, genie in a bottle, with gypsy music in the background and that will describe only part of it. Then, imagine the Muslim call to prayer, mosques, and Hagia Sofia (pictured above).

We arrived here two days ago, at the end of the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan. Our first journey out into the city began at sunset. We strolled up to where the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia sit across from each other, competing for prominence. Without even thinking that these people were ravagingly hungry, once the call to prayer began bellowing and echoing through the speaker system children began running to eat and there was immediate joy in the air. We were also a bit hungry but felt guilty to get into a restraunt line when we had eaten only a few hours before, and decided to let those that had been fasting eat first. Since it was the end of Ramadan, a bit of a festival had begun in the area. All sorts of things were for sale including a hot and spicy rice drink that was quite delicious. There were cute little bunnies to tell your fortune and children’s toys. Children were running, playing games, obviously as excited as I was as a child when Christmas came.

This is a place that requires much describing, so check back later to hear more from this fabulous place.


P.S. – We have new photo galleries up for Madrid and Istanbul. Check ’em out and let us know what you think.


6 responses to “The Sights of Istanbul

  1. How cool! Adam, what kind of camera do you have? did you use a specific night time setting for this?

  2. Your pictures are fabulous .Our thoughts & prayers are with you.
    Glen & Ada

  3. Lenika- this was taken on our Canon Digital Rebel XTi with a Sigma 17-70 mm lens. For more info, check out our Travel Gear page.

    Also, I believe if you view our pictures on (our username is adamandshawn), you can view all of the camera settings used to take any photo.

  4. Looks like you guys are having a great adventure. I miss Turkey-what a crazy place. Wish I was with you guys! Love your updates and look forward to more pictures and stories.

    Take care, be safe and have fun!

  5. Miss you guys! Enjoy yourselves and keep up with your updates…love to see your pictures and stories.

    Be Safe, Take Care and Have Fun!

  6. Hello Adam & Shawn!! From your friend from Hotel Nor Trung in Thiphu, Bhutan!!

    I am STILL HERE but will be leaving Wed. for Bangkok and a quick side trip to Angkor Wat (Nov. 29-Dec.3 I believe…if I can get a hotel…been harder than anticipated!!)

    Let me know how the best way to contact you. I think I’ll stay at the Met in Bangkok for one night, leave my luggage there, and hoof it to Cambodia just for Angkor I believe (unless I fall in love with it, etc….) I am also thinking of hitting the Elephant Nature Park in Chang Mai for awhile and then back to bangkok. I found a cheap ticket to Bali and a cheap room to rent around Dec. 8th/9th so was trying to figure out what to do. Where will you guys be during the holidays?

    I absolutely love your blog and look forward to reading every last page!!! Go great pictures!!!

    Big hug and safe travels! I’ll check on your plans so hopefully we can meet up – I’m ridiculously flexible these days!

    See you soon!

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