On our way….

Here we are 11:30 central time on a layover in Chicago. Our layover is about five hours, so we have decided to hangout in the USO for awhile. After only three hours of sleep this last night, this morning came pretty quickly. Reality presented itself more and more with every mile driven by our neighbor Mike on the way to the airport. So far, everything has been going very smoothly, and we even arrived in Chicago a few minutes early. As we deplaned here in Chicago we were reminded of the humid air here in the mid-west (and this is October). What a contrast after being in arid New Mexico! Well, I wish I had more to write about (now that I have plenty of time), but that is really all that has happened. Can’t wait to see what Madrid presents itself with!


4 responses to “On our way….

  1. Good luck to both of you! I’ll check back to see how your travels are going. 🙂

  2. The waiting is finally over and the fun begins. I’m going to miss you guys.


  3. Chris, Karen and Stacie

    Have a fantastic journey! We are looking forward to updates.

  4. They took your trash!

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