What I will and will not miss….

Here we are, four more days in the states. The plan is to fly into Portland, Oregon on July 7, 2008. Wow! That seems so long from now! It is really hard for me to wrap my brain around that. The Pacific Northwest is the land where the two of us grew up and got married and where the majority of our family still resides, so it is fitting to go there first. A few days after arriving “back home”, we will leave with eighteen other family members on a cruise of the inland passage of Alaska. More adventure, and I am sure lots of eating as well. So that doesn’t put us back into New Mexico until mid-August. That is really, really far away. I have been thinking a lot about what I will miss and what I won’t….

What I will miss

  1. Having family come and visit. We are trying to have them do that anyways.
  2. Wine fests nearly every night with the neighbors.
  3. Cul-de-sac parties.
  4. Trick-or-drinking in the cul-de-sac.
  5. Really good food in the cul-de-sac. I am talking really good food!
  6. Having a walk-in closet full of clothes to choose from each day.
  7. Wearing jeans and many things cotton.
  8. Mountain biking
  9. Skiing at Taos.
  10. Staying at Taos during the weekend most of the winter and eating yummy breakfasts at the B&B.
  11. New Mexico sunsets and skies.
  12. Most of Balloon Fiesta.
  13. Having a house and lots of space to spread out.
  14. Our shower and bed.
  15. Driving my own car.
  16. Perusing the aisles at Target.

What I will not miss

1. Wal-mart- it is just a really bad representation of this country. I don’t go there often as it is, but I will not miss it as a shopping option.

2. Winter- for the most part we will be chasing summer, spring, and fall most of the year. I am looking forward to not being too cold this year.

3. Wearing bulky, heavy coats and sweaters.

4. Barking vermin (Chihuahuas that belong to our friends next door) in the front yard. They can be very sweet, but usually choose not to be. I am pretty sure these dogs won’t miss us either.

5. Cleaning the house.

6. Having to be somewhere (a.k.a. a job) even though its been about five months since I had one of those.

7. Cooking dinner every night.

8. Grocery shopping every week.

9. Television- we don’t watch it now, so we most likely won’t miss it.

10. People who don’t care.

11. Just reading about traveling and not actually doing it.

12. New Mexico spring wind.

13. Unfinished projects around the house.

14. Managing all the ‘stuff’ around the house. Deciding all the time, what to keep and what to get rid of.


3 responses to “What I will and will not miss….

  1. I envy you. You did not include the following:
    What I will not miss:
    Air Force

  2. Be sure to make a “What I will and will not miss” list when you return!! I predict that your biggest culture shock will be when you return “home.” Enjoy and absorb everything!!

  3. Enjoyed your list, but know that we will miss you so much. We love you and will be waiting for all the news from your adventure.

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