Bugs in our Trader Joe’s Thai Rice

We just found live bugs in our Trader Joe’s Thai Rice. The rice had been in our pantry for over a month, and it probably took at least a month to ship. These little guys were tough!

cool, eh?


5 responses to “Bugs in our Trader Joe’s Thai Rice

  1. Rice = carbohydrate,
    Bug = protein,
    Add a little butter for a complete meal!

  2. So….
    Did you eat it?

  3. This happens a lot in rice… one of the reasons you’re always supposed to wash rice before you cook it! The bugs probably laid eggs in the rice as it was stored, and then they hatched in transit. Gross huh?

  4. This is Lisa, Lori Lieziert’s sister, when do you take off and what is your first stop? We now can live your adventure with you. I was reading our cruising blog yesterday and having a few withdrawls. FYI…if you are headed to the Caribbean, bugs in your rice/noodles is a daily event. Pretty soon you just pick them out as you boil your rice or noodles! A little extra protein doesn’t hurt!

  5. Will check on you guys and your travels. Have fun.

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